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Sarah C - Horsham Downs Haven

‘I cannot recommend Mel enough… she immediately picked up on my style and everything she recommended I loved (that was the problem)!  Mel was just as excited as I was each time something new arrived and the finished product was put together. Communication was amazing and she always came well prepared with a huge range. It’s not easy letting go and trusting someone to make interior decisions but you will be in safe hands with Mel, and what’s more she’s an awesome person who you will want to hang out with in general! Thanks Mel, we love our home and couldn’t be happier.

Amanda L, Cambridge

“We’d been unable to decide on new furniture for over a year after moving house. The Rupert & Marshall team discussed our needs and budget, gave us a clear plan, sourced all the pieces we needed and even came to install everything for us. We love what they created and wish we’d involved them sooner.”

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